Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Champion of the Day: Erin Twiggs Hutchinson

NPC Team Universe
Women's Physique Class D & Overall

This year on FMS we seem to be particularly enjoying former Figure competitors who have packed on the muscle and moved into the Physique division, and here is another. Erin Twiggs Hutchinson was still competing in Figure this time last year, finishing 6th in her class at both the NPC Jr. Nationals and the NPC USAs. 2015, however, has seen her reborn in Physique, and the extra muscle has paid off handsomely. In only her second WPD show she won class and overall titles and her pro card. It's been a long journey, she said after her triumph. Well, I guess not super long...
Erin the Figure competitor, NPC Jr Nationals, 2013 (left) and 2014

In fact, she only started training at all in 2011.

My husband posted my transformation yesterday and as embarrassing as it is I wanted to share it. This is where I started my journey into bodybuilding and lifting where I found a true passion and love for the sport almost 4 years ago. The middle is a couple weeks out of my first Figure competition in 2013, and the last is where I earned that coveted IFBB pro card at the Team Universe in WPD 3 weeks ago.

Erin hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, home of the mighty Aleesha - allegedly they are "pals", though this is probably just a forum rumour - where she studied fashion. This led her into partnership at the Utah Suit Exchange. No, not pin stripes - posing suits!

You can understand her husband's eagerness to share her transformation with the world. "Embarrassed" by that she may be, but at the beginning of July on stage in New Jersey at the Team Universe, Erin not only looked amazing, but she also looked like she felt amazing too. I'm always saying that I've got no eye for judging, but I think I'm getting better at judging when a lady is having a ball on the stage, and it seems to me that Erin is having the time of her life as an all-flexing Physique goddess. Just relaxing for a few more hours until stage time! she told her Instagram followers as she posted the pic above before the show. Cannot wait to be up there.

And when she was up there, she looked like she never wanted to come down.

Check out her excitement in this post-win interview.

We look forward to seeing Erin growing into the pro ranks. If her progress until now is any guide, she'll be taking that New York Pro by storm next year! And you can watch Erin's further transformation on Facebook as well as on her Instagram.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Champion of the Day: Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir

CrossFit Games
Fittest on Earth

Nope - still can't believe it. WHAT an incredible week - Fittest on EARTH.
Best moment of my life. It truly means the world to me.

After the first few events Australia's Kara Webb held the lead, and thereafter Katrin's compatriot Sara Sigmundsdottir led until late on the final day. As Sigmundsdottir faltered, Katrin stepped up to take the lead going into the last event. She won it, and with it the title of "Fittest on Earth" at her third Games.

Sigmundsdottir had to be content with 3rd, and with Australia's Tia-Clair Toomey a surprise second, it means the top three women this year are all aged 22. Maybe a changing of the guard? suggests Aiden, our CrossFit oracle. Athletes coming into the sport younger and maybe focusing purely on CrossFit from a young age?

And why wouldn't they? Along with her trophy, the former gymnast and Olympic weightlifter pocketed a cheque for $275,000, although I doubt very much that was what drove her on as she sprinted towards the finish line in the final event.

Find out what Katrin does next on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

All the Games you'll ever want are on the Games website and YouTube channel.

Enjoy! And thanks to Aiden, as always, for his expertise.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Champion of the Day: Carla Rossi-Roan

NPC Masters National Bodybuilding Championships
Masters Over 35 Light-Heavyweight Bodybuilding

Remember this back? This was Carla Rossi (now going by the slightly longer name Carla Rossi-Roan) three years ago as she prepared for the 2012 NPC USAs. She competed as a Middleweight at that show. Given the state of her back, you won't be surprised to learn that she won her class. However, her class win did not guarantee a pro card - out of the four class winners at the show, Tierany Chertein (Light-Heavyweight & Overall) and Denise Dinger (Lightweight) did receive one, but both Carla and Jennifer Kennedy (Heavyweight) missed out.

A couple of weeks ago at the NPC Masters Nationals, it was a case of history repeating itself for Carla. She won her class, but once again, sadly, not her pro card. So, including the USAs win in 2012 and the Masters win most recently, Carla has now finished either first or second in her last four national level shows.

Now I don't know how important that pro card is to Carla, but she does keep trying - her appearance in Pittsburgh this month was her first for two years - so it seems a shame that she hasn't got the reward and the chance to compete as a pro yet.

Still, she doesn't seem to be under any illusions about what to expect from her chosen sport. Bodybuilding doesn’t pay you, she told Gene X Hwang in 2014, you pay bodybuilding – with your time, your money, and your soul. There is no other sport (that I’m aware of) that demands so much and gives so little in return.

So little to some more than others, it seems, and wouldn't Carla know. Maybe today's little tribute (or lamentation would perhaps be a better word!) can remind her that bodybuilding has given her fans, if nothing else, and I'm pretty sure there are many among you readers who feel the same about her pouting muscular sex appeal as I do.

I'd like to be able to tell you where you could connect with Carla and show her a bit of love, but I haven't found any personal pages she has, so unfortunately I can't even do that. Best idea so far is that we all just concentrate really hard and send Carla positive vibes through the power of our universal female muscle lovin' consciousness...

Or perhaps not. But despite all the bad news, I really thought Carla was looking as good at the Masters Nationals as she has done since her peak around the 2012 USAs, and so I really hope this isn't going to be the last time we'll be seeing her on stage.


More pictures of Carla at the show here.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Champion of the Day: Cinara Polido

NABBA Worlds
Overall Figure

We've become rather enamoured by Cinara Polido over the last couple of years here at FMS, particularly by those twitching glutes of hers, so we were very pleased to see her take the NABBA Ms Figure World title on 20th June. She was 3rd at the 2013 NABBA Universe and 2014 NABBA Worlds, and runner-up at last year's Universe, so this is, as far as I know, her first international title - and very well-deserved it is too.

Here's her (brief, but thongtastic) routine from the show in Malta.

And you can explore the FMS archive for more of Cinara, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook - where she's got quite a transformation photo to welcome you with.


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Champion of the Day: Eleonora Dobrinina

CBBF Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Physique Championships
Women's Physique Class B

One way or another we've ended up following Ella's first season as a Physique competitor here at FMS - from her first show in Toronto in May, via wins in two more shows, and now through to her class win at the Canadian Nationals on July 18th.

She now has four wins out of four as a Physique competitor, and, though she didn't win the overall title at the Nationals, she was awarded her pro card. Looks like I'm making history, she wrote on her Instagram right after the show. I've won all my shows, and the very first time competing at national level became an IFBB pro - which does not happen very often! I am honoured and proud! 2015 is my year!!!

The next goal/step is the OLYMPIA. I'M UNSTOPPABLE !!

On the evidence we have so far, it's hard to disagree.

Follow the unstoppable Ella on Instagram and Facebook.

Champions all week on FMS this week. Enjoy!