Saturday, 23 August 2014

August Picture Post: FMS Approved


Today, Peggy Bertelsen takes us back to the '80s in FMS Approved swimwear.

It's not so much the style of the swimsuit, but the material its made of that is getting our stamp of approval. In particular, what happens to said material when it gets wet.

And in black and white this effect looks even finer.


Friday, 22 August 2014

August Picture Post: Athlete

Athletics. Great sport for the female muscle lover. You get to watch without fear. Who doesn't get into the athletics? Everyone. So you don't seem weird because you are enjoying the women's pole vault (as my brother says, "Fit chicks in their underwear, flying through the air") although when you are recording the Women's 200m heats as they are on while you're at work it might raise an eyebrow... Anyway, amid the riches of the recent European Athletics Championships, French hurdler Cindy Billaud caught the collective FMS eye as a good candidate to, when she hangs up her spikes, crossover into bodybuilding, or musculation as they say in the gyms of Lyon.

2014 European silver medallist, 100m hurdles

And for those of you who like this sort of thing, here's the beautiful Cindy speaking French and looking all magnifique after she had won her European silver medal. Shame the interviewer didn't ask her whether she'd ever thought of taking up bodybuilding.


Thursday, 21 August 2014

August Picture Post: Sexy Selfies

Belinda Kiriakou
IFBB Pro Bikini, belindakiriakou on Instagram

Sue Lasmar
WBFF Pro Fitness Diva, suelasmar on Instagram

Hand & Hair Bra happiness! And she's Brazilian too!!!


Shannon Peters
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, shacourtneyx on Instagram

Currently "on that thermoxyn and hemavol", Shannon gives you more look how I've grown... SINCE YESTERDAY! selfies than anyone I reckon, as well as all those ain't I just gorgeous head shots. And with her being off season now and all, there's been the odd night in, and even the night out selfie (top) to make me swoon all over the place.

Sonya Urff
NPC Bikini, twurff on Instagram

So much more than a woman who clearly adores her own bottom, Sonya Urff (really, "Urff") is a self-confessed Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering nerd, an undergraduate who describes herself as a "Future Rocket Scientist". So that's beauty, brains and a beautiful bottom she's got going for her. And if you like Sonya, you will probably also like her fit and very hot sister Kyrsten, NPC Figure competitor.

If she discovers a planet in the future, will it be the Planet Urff?

Giovanna Bottero (left)
Italian Bodybuilder, pictures of Giovanna at Girls with Muscle

Kim Ji-Hyun (right)
Korean Bodybuilder, pictures of her at Girls with Muscle


Michelle Davis
NPC Physique, mshelllll on Instagram

FMS has already drawn your attention to the skill "mshelllll" has with the phone camera, so it won't surprise regular readers that having both her hands full and her phone on charge is not going to stop her treating us to a good hard bicep flex. After 4th at the Jr USAs this year, she's been packing on the muscle (see top). YES!!!

Rebecca Sanders
Bodybuilder & Gym Owner, Rebecca Sanders on Facebook

I did wonder whether this was faked but some intensive investigation proved, in fact, that it is true: Rebecca Sanders really is this hot. Her goal: to bring the beauty back into bodybuilding. Good job so far, Rebecca. Quite possibly the next big thing. We'll be keeping a very close eye on Rebecca. Hard job, you know, but somebody's...


Double your pleasure as Kim Ji-Hyun poses for Muscle & Fitness


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

August Picture Post: Gym Bodz

Disgust? Intimidation? Arousal? What would your reaction be? (I know it is hard to believe but there are some who would be disgusted at the sight of a genuine female muscle beast at their gym. Or at least they would claim to be disgusted...)

Reasons why it is probably not a good idea to get competitive or try to impress her by lifting as much or more weight than she is: 1. Risk of serious injury. 2. She is hardly going to be impressed if you can only do half a rep with that weight, is she?

Arousal? Looks to me like Marthe Sundby is plenty aroused by the pump she's got going here. Training is my passion, she says. And she obviously means it.

Intimidation? Looking powerful, feeling powerful. And if you don't get your scrawny self off that machine and into a far corner of the gym tout de suite, Virginia is going to demonstrate how powerful she is by throwing you through the wall. Yikes!!!

Arousal? Muscles bulging in and out of revealing skin tight gym wear. Mouth-watering muscles, mouth-watering curves. Curves where lesser women don't even have bits. Superior women know what their muscle curvy bodies do to you. Aleesha knows. Kashma knows. Margie knows. One look and you're scurrying to the locker room.

Alpha. Gillian won't take that selfie till the last man/woman has been inimidated out of her space, until her ownership of the gym is absolute. Lisa, meanwhile, well, Lisa loves an audience, loves to have all eyes in the gym on her. Lisa loves a reaction, and judging from the position of the guy on the right's hands, she's getting one here.

Be warned. Your fascination for female muscle is limitless, but, as a man, multi-tasking is not your strong point. Attempting any kind of actual lifting while simultaneously checking her muscles out is going to be a fast track to injury and/or humiliation. Do not, under any circumstances, do as this Freitas-fixated fella is doing and attempt to press anything without giving it your full attention. Focus on ONE thing, dude!

Be warned. Tape it down! Seriously, if you know Shannon Peters trains in your gym (or you've found out where Shannon trains and made it your gym despite the fact it's a four-hour round trip) then you only have yourself to blame if everyone can see your mini Mars bar causing a commotion in your gym shorts. What did you think was going to happen? And now you are 'Stiffy Guy' to all at the gym. Including Shannon. Doh!


Monday, 18 August 2014

August Picture Post: Teenage Kicks


My first exposure to Dorothy was courtesy of Muscle Training Illustrated. I can still remember quite vividly the purchase of these two magazines. I was 14/15.

NPC USA Heavyweight and Overall Champion 1988
IFBB Pro World Championships 1989, 3rd place

Glamorous, beguiling beauty. Powerful, intoxicating muscularity.

To my teen self, Dorothy was perfection. I was helpless, she was irresistible. Lord knows how many hours I spent pouring over her pictures in these and other magazines. Lord knows how many DAYS I spent paying tribute to this goddess.

Still one of my favourite ever FBBs (see also, Size Matters: A Fantasy Contest).

The magazines have long since been disposed of, so it's only through the tireless work of the female muscle scanners that I can relive my teen dream. Heroes, one and all.

And here's a clip of Dorothy guest posing from 1988.

Get comfy and just LISTEN to that crowd reaction!