Thursday, 24 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight

Ever FBB

Choosing your favourite ever FBB is, as I'm sure many of you know, a bit of a hiding to nothing, but I have been asked this question a handful of times since I started the blog, so at least I do have an answer I made earlier on this one. So here goes...

I've been a female muscle head for over 25 years now. At first, this meant I bought mainstream muscle magazines to satisfy my cravings. I have my favourites from these years: Anja Langer, Michelle Andrea, Diana Dennis, Denise Rutkowski and even a young (ie. pre-surgery) Melissa Coates among them. But if I had to choose one woman from this period, it'd be Dorothy Herndon.

I can still recall the purchase of that issue of Muscle Training Illustrated which introduced Dorothy to me. The sight of her on the cover and suddenly I was dry-mouthed, trembling with excitement, frantically turning pages to see more of this vision of heart-stopping muscular beauty. Once bought, this magazine remained at or near the top of the pile for many many years after, treasured not least because there was very little of Dorothy that appeared anywhere else.

Little more has come to light since the advent of the internet, but thanks to those heroic scanners of muscle magazines, you can see pretty much all of Dorothy there ever was all at once. But better still, Dorothy's video work with WPW can now be enjoyed by all, as well as this guest posing clip from 1988. And I found that she moved like I always imagined she would - with the graceful power of a lioness.

Dorothy isn't my favourite ever, but she was pretty much my favourite of that era of female muscle lovin'. When mainstream muscle magazines gave way to Women's Physique World, there were suddenly so many more women in many different outfits (albeit only every few months - remember the torture of that wait?!), and among them were women who belong on the same level of my female muscle pantheon as Dorothy.

And then came the internet. All of those past favourites to be seen anew, and on top of that there was a whole new generation of female muscle talent available for our collective and individual viewing pleasure. More images than ever before, more videos than ever before, and it was all easier to access than ever before.

Yet more women for the pantheon.

And in that era, more or less, I first met my two all-time favourites.


It's been a while, but FMS did pay tribute to Gina back in February 2012 (Treasures from the Archive: Gina Davis), pointing out, among other things, how much fun it is to say that your dream woman is Gina Davis and have everyone around you (secret female muscle heads excepted) assume you are talking about Geena Davis.

We also noted that Gina's relatively short competitive career left me (and many others) wanting more, and wondered if perhaps this was the secret of her enduring appeal.

And around that time, news that Gina was posting pictures of herself on social media led me to fall in love with her all over again. No longer was she the huge, ripped bodybuilder Gina, but she still has that brilliant smile, and all those years of pumping serious iron have left her with mouth-watering muscular curves.


Her WPW and Ray Martin videos are still the all-time best sellers, so I doubt that I'm alone in my adoration of this Californian female muscle legend. I reckon I first saw Denise Hoshor in the WPW pic above, just one of the many unforgettable images of her of course, but especially cherished because it was the first.

As far as I'm concerned, everything she did as a bodybuilder was magic, but two stand out. First, Denise in Hawaii, posing in a purple bikini and white heels in public. She is in incredible shape. Huge and defined from head to toe, but unmistakably feminine. As the crowd (of men) watching her grows, the more provocative and sexier her posing gets. Second, in a tiny segment of a GMV video (can't remember which, I bought it and threw it out so long ago now, and have never found the exact clip). She's at an Expo, strutting through the crowd in a tight black dress. The GMV camera person asks her to flex, and when she does - biceps, shoulders, pecs, biceps again - camera person is rendered speechless. She flexes one magnificent bicep again and looks beyond the camera. Good? she asks. There's no reply. She smiles, and struts away.

For me, Denise is all about arrogance. There's the way she looks at herself in the mirror as she flexes in the pump room. And then the measured posing you can see in her routines - slow, showing every muscle in glorious detail, looking like she's loving every single second she's on that stage displaying her beautiful strong body. And then there's her knowing smile... You know I could go on and on and on...

So there you are. Gina and Denise. Denise and Gina.

Not the most original of choices, but to me that just shows I'm not alone in ranking (I said 'ranking'!) these two ultimate goddesses highly. They appear at or near the top of most all-time lists I've seen. There must be something about them...

But wait! I hear you cry. What about Alina? Shannon? Oana? Aleesha?

Well, call me old-fashioned, but I feel that if you are talking ever, all-time favourites, then you should apply a little caution when it comes to active female bodybuilders. Case in point: if you'd asked me for a top 30 all-time a couple of years ago, Fabiola Boulanger would definitely have featured. And looked what happened next.

I don't think Alina, Oana or Aleesha are about to downsize - Shannon I'm not convinced about, though it doesn't seem she'll be giving up 'bodybuilding' imminently either - but I'd rather let their careers come to their conclusions before finding them their place in the pantheon if it's all the same to you.

Final faves of the fortnight tomorrow...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight


For a change, we thought today we could focus on your favourites rather than mine as we bring you today the TOP TEN MOST POPULAR FMS POSTS EVER (by page views).

[This list is not the same as the 'Popular Posts' (see right), which are ranked according to page views this month rather than for all time, though a few feature on both.]

10 - Hot and Hard: Cindy Landolt

There is so much more to this woman than just stunning looks and a perfect body...

9 - Further Adventures in Celebrity Muscle

Her Madgesty, Serena Williams, Jessica Biel, Jamie Pressly, Lena Olin and many more leave FMS wondering whether the time of the buff female celebrity is nigh... This post owes its popularity to a reader who posted a link to it on a Turkish community forum. Almost all of its 3,908 page views came in the week after the link appeared there.

8 - Muscle Girls Next Door

These days we prefer to call them FMGs (Future Muscle Godesses) but back in June 2011, we were still calling them Girls Next Door. This was a picture post that had been inspired by a real life female muscle sighting in Greenwich the day before.

7 - FBBUK: The Transformation of Linda Gartside

One of my personal favourites. The amazing story of Linda Gartside's journey from binge-eater to NABBA Universe champ told as a Rocky-style Hollywood blockbuster and endorsed by Rochdale's sexiest driving instructor herself. FMS Gold!

6 - Images of 2011

A nod from the mighty Area Orion and BOOM! thousands of new readers arrive at FMS for the first time and take a gander at what and who had been getting me all pumped up in 2011. Femme Fatale, Annie Sakamoto, Silvia Sarti and Mara Dalila (above, winning Leg Shot of the Year) are just some of the mouth-watering treats on offer.

5 - Andrea Rosu

A thing for muscular legs on non-muscular women developed through trips to Soho sex shops as a teenager and a tip-off from PumpItUp himself combine to create a tribute to Andrea Rosu, fetish model. I was so sure that this post wouldn't be popular that I felt the need to apologise for featuring a woman who was not a bodybuilder as an introduction, which just goes to show how well I know my readers!

4 - Size Matters: A Fantasy Contest

Imagine you could have a female bodybuilding contest where all the competitors were at their absolute peak irrespective of the era they actually competed in. Kind of like Bill and Ted, you have a time machine and you can travel back and forth in time collecting your favourite FBBs for your dream show...

This post marked the start of a number of virtual friendships with female muscle heads from all over the world as readers voted for their ultimate FBB contest line-up. Add to that the pleasure had in choosing the women and the format for "The Number One Orgasmic Meat Exhibition" and you get another of my personal favourites.

3 - Glamazons

Swell reveals that as far as he's concerned, a muscle woman in a sexy dress is heaven on Earth, and goes on to describe - with a little help from Minna Pajulahti (above left), Andrea Giacomi (above right), and a host of other beautiful muscle women looking glamorous - exactly what it is that makes them such heavenly sights.

2 - Big Girls

What it says on the tin plus real quotes from female bodybuilders.

1 - Size Matters: Super Freaks

I'm proud of this one. A combination of Collette Guimond, Rene Toney and Christine Envall plus Tigersan and Richard Dawkins. A celebration of the women who say I'm going to be the most muscular woman on that stage, perhaps the most muscular woman in the world, and to hell with you if you don't like it!

And a conclusion that if it is true that there is no limit in theory to the muscular development a woman can have, we can only conclude that in the future the muscles of today's super-freaks like Christine, Colette and Rene might seem quite tame!


It'll be back to my favourites tomorrow...

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight

Guilty Pleasure

To be honest, I'm not sure what exactly I mean by 'Gulty Pleasure' or why I should consider Brooke Black (probably not her real name, see below) to be one. When I was making a list of possible posts for this Favourites Fortnight, 'Guilty Pleasure' is one of the ideas I came up with, and immediately I thought 'Brooke Black', as if I had been playing some kind of Freudian word association game or something.

Well, I'm not one to delve unnecessarily into my own subconscious, but it may have something to do with all those nasty rumours about her on the internet. For example, according to The Dirty in July 2013, Brooke will do all sorts of things for money online, including lesbian porn, so she can buy more steroids in her attempt to become a fitness competitor. She has tried to rip off her social media followers in the past two months by offering to do 'custom vids' for hundreds of dollars, but then never follows through and only makes excuses and tells lies to avoid being exposed. Don’t be deceived, despite the cheery, positive vibes she sends out online, this girl is very devious and manipulative behind the scenes. Ah, so that would explain all those aliases. Brooke Black was formerly Crimson Rosee, who used to go by the name of Miss DaisyXX, who was once also known as Azaria Black.

But she's hardly the first woman to fund her bodybuilding through online activities, and if the end result is that Brooke competes, then personally I cannot wait for her to rip off a few more numpties and speed up the process. Let's face it, if you are ordering custom vids from women like Brooke, then you can probably afford to take the two or three hundred dollar hit (and if you can't, then you shouldn't be ordering custom vids from women like Brooke, should you?). Whether she takes steroids or not, she knows where the weight room is, and whatever she's doing there, it's certainly working because Brooke is getting hotter and harder by the day.

So I guess she's not a 'guilty pleasure' because of all the rumours. Perhaps it's the implants? Occasionally I do come over all 'muscle purist' and tell myself the pure pec way is the only way. But that never lasts long (about as long as it takes until I look at a new picture of Brooke in fact) and when 'the work' has been done as well as Brooke's has, I do find it impossible to be at all dogmatic about the issue.

Not the implants, then. Leaving only one last thing to feel guilty about - her age. At 20 she is certainly something to feel guilty about in a number of US states, but I'm in Europe and she's in Canada, so there's no legal reason why I should feel guilty about perving over her hot and hard body. And if I were to feel guilty about all muscular women who are inappropriately young for a man who's just turned 40 to enjoy, then there wouldn't have been any Shannon Courtney, any Dani Reardon, in fact any of a lot of the women we've enjoyed here at FMS in the past.

So no, I don't feel guilty about Brooke being 20, either. Perhaps I think I should just delete the word 'Guilty' from the top of the post and just make it 'Favourite Pleasure'. I think that would be a far better description of what Brooke means to me right now because I have been getting a whole lot of 'pleasure' from her recently! Pleasure from the daydreams I've been having since I realised that my wife (who recently decided to start weight training, see My Wife the FMG?!) is exactly the same height as Brooke (5'3"/1.60m). Pleasure from those big blue eyes and those full and juicy lips. Pleasure from that sensational body, a body that is more and more muscular, more and more defined, sexier and sexier with each new selfie. But most of all, I get so musch pleasure from her obvious pleasure in muscle. Make no mistake, whatever trail of suckers/victims she is leaving in her virtual wake, Brooke Black is very much into being muscular and takes a lot of pleasure in being adored for her muscularity.

If you fancy a little 'pleasure' courtesy of Brooke, her Twitter is a great place to start. And if you're feeling brave, you can join her 2,828 admirers at MyFreeCams.