Thursday, 29 January 2015

Peak of the Day

Is it the fact that there is another woman with a more conventionally-shaped arm in the picture? Is it the look on Rene's face (look at her eyes) that says she LOVES this kind of attention, a look that suggests she doesn't even own a top that has sleeves?

Or is it simply the damn size of that thing?!

Lawdy, what a picture!!!

You know, I'm beginning to think it's the look, the love of the attention...


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Peaks of the Day: Judy Moshkosky

When The History of Female Bodybuilding is written (if there are any would-be publishers out there, just pop the advance in the post and I'll be on it), it's unlikely that female bodybuilders with contest records like Judy Moshkosky's will get much written about them. Three times she competed at national level in the very early 1990s, with 7th in the middleweight class at the IFBB North Americans her best result.

But I'll bet there are more readers of "a certain age" who can remember Judy than there are those who remember Deborah Cameron, or Celina Martins, or Judy Batcher (all of whom placed higher than her at those national level shows). And I would imagine that Judy's left and right biceps are the reasons why that is so.

Quite apart from the fact that these days it's highly unlikely that more than a few middleweights will take the stage at the NPC Nationals, it seems almost unbelievable now that once upon a time a body like Judy's was unable to break into the top six in her class. Were the very same biceps that have ensured her name remains in the consciousness of the female muscle lovin' brethren responsible for her lowly placings, deemed by the the judges to be "too big" and making her physique lack balance?

Judge for yourself in this excerpt from Judy's work with Women's Physique World. Pleasingly it's almost 7 minutes long, and though not exclusively an arm clip, it - quite rightly - focuses more attention on those biceps than it does on the rest of her.


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Peak of the Day

BAM! Amanda Aivaliotis makes a muscle around the time of her Masters win at the 2014 North Americans. And, yes, that means that beautiful bicep and its 45-year-old owner will be competing as a pro this year. It’s hard to build the perfect physique, says Amanda, and as a sculptor of my own body, will it ever be perfect in my eyes? Probably not, but it is fun trying to achieve it and seeing it change year to year. Seems to me she's getting close to perfect in one department at least - that vein, OMG!

Watch the taller but considerably smaller IFBB Bikini Pro Ashley Kaltwasser interview the shredded Amanda after her 2014 triumph here. Sadly there's no flexing during the interview, but on the page there is a link to Amanda's contest gallery.


Monday, 26 January 2015

Peaks of the Day: The Look of Love

It doesn't seem to matter whether they've just started their mission to muscle or they're a big name fbb with years of growth behind them. If photographic evidence is anything to go by, muscular women just can't get enough of their own biceps.

And why not? Even if the woman in question is more naturally muscular than most, she still needs to do her curls. Even if certain substances are used, those peaks aren't going to rise if she spends her time sat on the sofa watching The Jeremy Kyle Show.

And when she's doing those curls, focusing her thoughts into the muscle, isn't it the done thing to look at it? She's willing it to grow before her very eyes, watching it get bigger, thicker, fuller and peakier with every rep. Yes, Dani! Do it! Grrrrrrr!

But apparently exercising the muscle isn't the only time she wants (needs?) to see it at its proudest. Any excuse will do. Take Mona Muresan (below) - is it just me or is Mona getting a bit emotional about that (highly impressive) peak of hers?

Look at the camera, Marcie... Look at the camera real quick... Just wanna get one shot into camera Marcie... Looking great, Marcie... eyes to camera now...

I wonder if the amount of time spent in loving gaze is in any way proportionate to the size of the muscle. Does the self-adoration grow as the muscle does? To find out you'd have to spend a lot of time with women of varying levels of muscularity and record in detail how often they checked out their own flexed biceps. Then watch how this changes as they grow... Someone should do that. I should do that. As soon as I'm done with this post, I think I'll make an application for funding from The Pennypacker Foundation. I'd have to study a lot of them to get truly definitive results. I'd have to study a lot of them over a long period of time to gather sufficient evidence.

I might need some volunteers to help out...

But not with Oana. I'll study Oana myself thank you very much.


The Look of Love previously on FMS: Biceps, Abs, & Mirror Mirror

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Peak of the Day

There aren't too many things sexier than muscles bulging visibly through tight clothing. And the owner of today's peak clearly not only understands that, but FEELS it too. So far the FMS research team have found only that today's excitement is brought to you by "BadAssRN", whose online presence apparently consists of nothing more than a Bodyspace profile, although calling it a profile is a bit misleading as it consists of her age (39) and a handful of pictures (the majority showing peakage and tongue).

There may be more of her out there. The research team are working on it...


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Peaks of the Day: Kassie Kemmis

A week of peaks here at FMS begins with the casual flexing and heart-stopping beauty of Kassie Kemmis. She might not have the biggest pair you'll ever see - or the indeed biggest pair we'll see this week - but when I first came across this pic, my jaw was well and truly on the floor (among other things). Kassie likes the pic a lot too, it seems, because she's chosen it for the homepage on her brand spanking new website.

And it was time for her to get that website up and running because Kassie, from the marvellous-sounding Missoula, Montana, is a brand spanking new IFBB Figure pro. She won her class at the NPC Nationals in Miami last year with just one previous competition to her name and having started training as recently as January 2013.

If you are as impressed as I am by the amount of muscle being sported in the Figure division these days and you are in the vicinity of Los Angeles in July, you might want to check out Kassie's pro debut at the LA Pro. If you're impressed but not near LA, well, then you will probably, like me, be following Kassie's progress via her Instagram.


Friday, 23 January 2015

Svensk Muskel: Angelica Enberg

I remember where I started. I did not look like this then.

Angelica Enberg is a figure competitor with lofty ambitions. She finished 5th in her class at this year's Swedish Nationals, a class she describes as containing women of "brutal quality". Her contest prep is more fraught than most because she is a type-1 diabetic and so has to constantly monitor her blood sugar levels. She likes a selfie more than most, and it is her penchant for revealing more than most in those selfies that has brought her to the attention of the female muscle lovin' brethren. She's just 22, and as cute as a button. And she's the last of our svenska muskel kvinnor this week.


I've done so many team and individual sports since the age of 9. They've always been a lot of fun and I've always been good at them. I last gave up football two years ago and subsequently bought my first gym membership, and there I began to slowly but surely build up an extreme interest. Extreme is the word!

Training is, and has been my life since I was 9, my life. It allowed me to survive my tough childhood. From being so depressed and destroyed at such a young age, through training I've built myself up into a strong person.

After finishing 5th at the Swedish National Championships: It was a 5th place for me! I'm satisfied. It is, after all, the Swedish National Championships!

On Dani Reardon, posted to Angelica's Instagram: My #WCW! [Woman Crush Wednesday] I've been following you for a very long time and I admire your hard work. One day I will have your results. I'm chasing you!

I will tell you something... I like the attention. I do! And I'm not shy about admitting it. I think almost everyone, no matter how you market yourself, it feels good to show off what you have achieved. People feel good to be praised for what they do... You would never want to spend 15 hours a week at the gym, if you couldn't show off what you have accomplished. I want to be able to showcase my hard work.

Sometimes people ask me, "How long time will you do this for?" and I just stand there, shake my head and say, "It is a lifetime journey."

New goals are set. I'm definitely going to come back bigger, stronger. It takes a LOT of time to do everything clean. But it's not impossible, and I'm gonna show you that. Time to improve.

Follow Angelica on Instagram, her Facebook fan page and/or her blog.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Svensk Muskel: Vi möts igen


Regular FMS readers may well remember these previously posted pics of (left) the ridiculously beautiful Linnea Berglund and her T, and (right) the no less stunning beauty of Jannika Larsson and her magnificently developed and separated pecs.

Things have moved on a bit for both Linnea and Jannika since we last saw them here, so we thought now a good time for a catch up with these two Swedish muscle maidens.

First of all, the name game. Linnea no longer uses the name Berglund, and is now known as Linnea Enstedt (presumably it's because she married Mr Enstedt, but not being too interested in him, we haven't bothered to do any research in that direction) [she may have divorced Mr Berglund, no? - ed.]. Jannika still uses the same name, but for her role on the Swedish version of Gladiators, Gladiatorerna, from 2011 onwards, she was called Hyper, hence her Instagram monniker jannikahyper.

Linnea seems to be something of a celeb too, if only within the Swedish bodybuilding community. She is a regular presenter on something called Swedish Body Radio. With her co-presenter, Kenny Dahlstrom, we are promised that Linnea can be heard "every two weeks talking with various interesting guests from the fitness world". Their shows, apparently, include "hot debates and exciting discussions stacked with revelations and heavy duty facts" You are advised by the website to "take the opportunity to listen on the way to work, school or even during the morning walk". How's your Swedish?!

And Linnea is competing these days. When you look at some of her pics, it almost beggars belief that she is "only" a Bodyfitness competitor - her arms, in particular, can look absolutely HUGE on some of her Instagram posts - but Bodyfitness is, indeed, her category. Most recently she finished 6th in her class (up to 168cm) at the Swedish National Championships (Svenska Mästerskapen) in October last year.

Sadly for fans of Jannika, she won't be competing again any time soon, at least not as a bodybuilder. She started out in football, and then turned her attention to sprinting. It was important to work up the strength and abdominal muscles in the body and I fell completely for this type of training, she says. Her career as an Athletic Fitness and Bodyfitness competitor lasted about 6 years and came to a close in 2011, after which, apart from being "Hyper", Jannika trained for MMA and Brazilian jiu jitsu, which she describes as without a doubt the most enjoyable form of exercise I've ever done.

A medical problem prevented Jannika from pursuing a fighting career, so, last year, she turned her attention to Ironman, and competed for the first time in Barcelona in October. After a 3.8km swim and nearly 6 hours on a bike, Jannika ran her first ever marathon to complete the course in a little under twelve and a half hours. I just felt euphoria! Relief that it was over but also such indescribable euphoria!

Jannika plans to compete in both triathlon and Ironman events this year too, and I dare say we will see Linnea on stage again in 2015. But as well as competing in their respective sports, both women will continue to train the next generation of Swedish female muscle. Linnea has already had some of her charges compete while Jannika, whose personal training business goes by the name Fight Your Fight, is, as far as I can tell, training her clients (hard) towards competition in the coming year.
Want progress? Linnea and Danijela Hodges (top left, bottom right), and Jannika with lawyer and budding competitor bex i am (top right and bottom left), the second of which has images taken two months apart!

I reckon the future Swedish muscle women couldn't be in better hands.